Enhancing your beat with Twitter

Danielle Capalbo

Let me offer a huge thank-you to Danielle Capalbo, a distinguished Northeastern alumna who spoke with us via video chat about how she uses Twitter in her work as the education reporter for the Hour of Norwalk, Conn.

For your next assigned blog post, please find the Twitter feeds of 10 people or organizations who are related to your beat. Follow them for a day. See who they’re retweeting. Click on their links. For Thursday — before class — write a blog post about your experience, what you learned and how it enhances your ability to work your beat.

List the feeds you are following and write a sentence or two about each one describing what it is.


About Dan Kennedy

I am an associate professor of journalism at Northeastern University, and I'm using WordPress.com for my blog, Media Nation, as well as class websites.
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