Your posts about Storify as a journalism tool

Brooks Memorial Library

I just finished reading your posts about Josh Stearns’ video-chat with us and your thoughts on using Storify as a journalism tool. I’m sitting in the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro, Vt., and am posting this just before I head back to Greater Boston.

Most of you put a lot of reflection into your posts, and identified some great examples of Storify. A favorite was the “Europe Snow” Storify from the Weather Channel.

One observation that several of you made was that you were somewhat taken aback by how little of the journalist’s voice appears in Storify. Is this the future of journalism? My opinion is no more valid than yours, but I’ve got two responses:

  • No, Storify is not the future of journalism. It’s a great tool, but it is mostly going to be used as a sidebar to the main story — although, as Stearns’ “Storify of the Year” shows, it can also be used to tell a complete story.
  • There is nothing inherent to the Storify platform that limits users from adding a lot of their own writing to the presentation. In fact, when you do your own Storifys (Storifies?), I hope you will.

For class tomorrow, you should have some idea of a story — local, national or international — for which you want to develop a Storify.


About Dan Kennedy

I am an associate professor of journalism at Northeastern University, and I'm using for my blog, Media Nation, as well as class websites.
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One Response to Your posts about Storify as a journalism tool

  1. Burt Herman says:

    Hi Dan,

    We certainly let writers add their own voice to the story, and when they do, their own text is given more prominence than other social media. We are about more than just adding a few snippets from social media as a sidebar or at the end of a “conventional” story. We believe all stories are social and can incorporate social media as part of the narrative itself, along with the writer’s insight to provide context like Josh Stearns, or Anthony DeRosa in this example:

    Burt Herman
    Co-founder, Storify

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