Wu Nan to speak on digital journalism in China

Wu Nan

A reminder that our class today will consist of attending a talk by Wu Nan, a Chinese journalist and Nieman Fellow, in 305 Shillman. The subject of her lecture will be “Will One Thousand Bytes Bloom?”

The event will be from 3 to 4 p.m., followed by a Q&A and refreshments. So I don’t think we’ll have time to reconvene in 171 Holmes afterwards.

I’ll be looking for a blog post on her talk. Don’t be shy with your cameras, either.

Here is a bio passed along by Professor Bill Kirtz, who helped organize her talk:

Wu Nan, a 2012 Nieman fellow at Harvard University, has worked from Beijing for leading Chinese and American press, including the Economic Observer, NetEase Portal and the Wall Street Journal Chinese edition.  Starting journalism in 2003, she firstly covered Chinese social and economic issues, then intensively reported on international news. Most recently she has worked as a multimedia editor and is dedicated in using multimedia skills to tell compelling stories. She holds a master degree from the Graduate School of Journalism at U.C. Berkeley.

I’ll see you all at 3.


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